Cantech’s colourized Liquid Rubber Coatings were developed to keep moisture and water out...


Even with modern materials and modern construction techniques, the need for fire resistant products has never been higher.

Corrosion & Chemical

This highly flexible co-polymer emulsion provides excellent resistant to paints, oil, gas, and other petroleum products.

Dust, Soil

Cantech Research Inc. is an industry leader in the development and commercialization of engineered....

Road Base and Shoulder

Cantech manufactures a patented Pitch/Polymer product that is superior in binding road and shoulder aggregates


Cantech’s S.M.A.R.T. Coat Innovations offer multiple benefits with one easy to apply high tech coating.

Air Barrier

Cantech supplies two liquid applied Air Barrier Products


Cantech's retail arm will display the items very soon

We make eco friendly Liquid Rubber Coatings!

We make eco -friendly Liquid Rubber Coatings! Keep your materials protected from water and moisture damage. Cantech’s highly flexible and innovated coatings will save you both time and money. Cantech’s proprietary emulsion is the key to the many attributes and performance benefits realized in its Liquid RubberCoat products. With instant set capabilities and speed of application in a single pass application saves time and money. Supported by brush & roll applications, trowel grade applications and caulking capabilities, Cantech’s Liquid RubberCoat products have you covered. Adhering to most construction substrates including concrete, metal, wood, tile, and foam, our Liquid RubberCoat products waterproof, rust proof.....

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