FireSafe 101

FireSafe 101® is a modified acrylic emulsion that is specifically formulated as a spray-applied roof coating. It is part of a dual-component system that is applied using specifically designed equipment. FireSafe 101® provides a quick-set coating membrane that is solvent free, has excellent adhesion, elasticity and strength, and is environmentally friendly because it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

FireSafe 101® Features:

  • High tensile strength
  • High puncture resistance
  • Versatile, compatible with most structures and installations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highest insulation value, significant cost savings
  • Resistance to ultraviolet exposure , reduces aging
  • Lightweight, only 14 ounces per square foot
  • Completely bondable to most substrates
  • Eliminates water tracking
  • Available in several colours, in both stain and solid formats