Waterproofing products have two primary purposes to serve:

  1. Stop water infiltration through substrates
  2. Prevent water reactions (rust) with materials such as metals.

Cantech’s colourized Liquid Rubber Coatings were developed to keep moisture and water out, saving you time and the money from the damage moisture can cause. Our innovative and highly flexible products will put your mind at ease knowing your materials and structures are protected. You can also be assured and use Liquid Rubber Coatings confidently because Cantech’s products are environmentally friendly and do not harm the water table in anyway.

Waterproofing applications range from the roof top to below grade. Applications range from brush, to roll, to instant set spray. Using the best possible applicator will dramatically decrease labour burden.

Not limited to just black, Cantech offers a wide range of coloured formulations. There is sure to be a colour to meet your particular needs.

Cantech Research Inc. is recognized worldwide for providing innovative, effective, safe, environmentally friendly, protective waterproofing coatings for use in a wide range of applications and markets.